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  • Payap University
  • Chiang Mai
  • Thailand

Held in collaboration with the Linguistics Institute of Payap University, Chiang Mai, this training program aims to equip community development practitioners in the theory and design of effective MTB-MLE programs. The course will be held June 24 to July 19, 2019 and is being planned in response to the growing interest in MTB-MLE around Asia. The course will be led by Dr. Diane Dekker and Dr. Catherine Young and we invite decision-makers and front-line facilitators of MTB-MLE programs from around Asia to apply.

At the completion of the 4-week course, a certificate of participation from the Linguistics Institute will be given.

Course objectives:

  • Participants completing the certificate course will participate effectively in MTB-MLE programs as advocates, program planners and trainers of other project staff.

  • Participants completing the accredited course will be equipped to lead projects, design curriculum, and act as advocates and trainers.

  • Communities around Asia will have:

    • Well-designed MTB-MLE programs

    • Excited leaders and teachers

    • Successful children who are able to learn in both the home language and the national/regional language(s).

Costs: The certificate course fee is US$350. Participants will pay their own travel, lodging (US$180-US$280 for one month) and food (average US$12 per day).

Registration has now closed for the 2019 course. For information about future offerings please contact ellen_errington@sil.org.

Immediately following the MLE Course, consider attending:

Integrating Meaningful Cultural Communication Forms
into Language Development Materials for a
Mother Tongue Education Program

22 July 2019 – 2 August 2019 (with optional 3rd week 5 – 9 Aug)
Payap University Linguistics Institute, Chiang Mai, Thailand

By learning how to research their own cultural art forms, traditions and practices, as well as how to integrate them into the curriculum, educators can create a sustainable and beneficial program using their own language and culture as the foundation for teaching and learning.  In this workshop, the participants will learn how to use relevant cultural expressive forms in creating materials based on cultural themes chosen by their community that can be used to develop listening, speaking, reading, writing and creative and critical thinking skills, particularly for children, though many of the materials can be adapted for use with all ages.

Expectations:  Ideally at least 3 people from a language community will attend, including a story writer, a song writer and an artist; people who can go back and train others in their community to continue producing materials.  Participants will practice using the materials they have created.

Contact: Liz_Foerster@sil.org for information and registration information.