• Bangkok Christian Guesthouse (map)
  • Sala Daeng 2 Alley
  • Bangkok, Bangkok, 10500
  • Thailand


For the last 5 years LEAD Asia, through the CoP, has facilitated the coming together of organisations and individuals around the issues of language, education and development. The CoP has grown and continues to facilitate exciting and innovative work with minority ethnolinguistic communities across Asia.

However, for the CoP to continue to function as a real community, in light of this expansion we feel there is a need for CoP participants to evaluate what it means to be part of the CoP and to reflect on what its future should be. SIL International (through the LEAD Asia team) remains strongly committed to facilitating the ongoing development of the CoP, however, we feel as though a more structured way of receiving input from participants is necessary if the CoP is to continue to develop. Spending some time considering the whats, whys and hows of organisational relationships will hopefully help us achieve that.

For these reasons, we have decided that the topic of this CoP event will be Building Organisational Relationships.

Resources shared at this event are now available in the 'Resources' section of our site. Click here and then navigate to the 'Nov 13 CoP Event - Building Organsiational Relationships' folder.