• Linguistics Institute (map)
  • Payap University
  • Chiang Mai
  • Thailand

Held in collaboration with the Linguistics Department of Payap University, Chiang Mai, this training program aims to equip community development practitioners in the theory and design of effective MTB-MLE programs. The course will be held June 6 to July 1, 2016 and is  being planned in response to the growing interest in MTB-MLE around Asia. The course will be led by Dr. Karla Smith and Dr. Catherine Young and we invite decision-makers and front-line facilitators of MTB-MLE programs from around Asia to apply.

At the completion of the 4-week course, a certificate of participation from Payap University will be given. For those wishing to receive credit toward an MA degree for the course, an additional two-week module is planned for mid-2017 to complete course requirements.

Course objectives:

  • Participants completing the certificate course will participate effectively in MTB-MLE programs as advocates, program planners and trainers of other project staff.
  • Participants completing the accredited course will be equipped to lead projects, design curriculum, and act as advocates and trainers.
  • Communities around Asia will have:
    • Well-designed MTB-MLE programs
    • Excited leaders and teachers
    • Successful children who are able to learn in both the home language and the national/regional language(s). 

Costs: The certificate course fee is US$300. Participants will pay their own travel, lodging (approximately US$200 for one month) and food (average US$10 per day).

Please contact ellen_errington@sil.org to register or to ask further questions about the course.