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Stakeholder participation is essential for long term impact of language development activities, multilingual education, adult literacy and community development efforts. This event will explore how we can work in a way that encourages greater community participation in our activities. During the event we will grow in our participatory mindsets, share participatory techniques and tools which we have created or found helpful, and wrestle with problems or challenges we have faced in increasing stakeholder participation. We will have some break-out sessions each day focusing on different areas as suggested by participants.    

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Wednesday 17th May
08:30-09:00 - Arrival & Registration
09:00-09:15 - Welcome & Introductions
09:15-10:30 - Plenary 1: Sharing of experiences and good practice in increasing community participation
10:30-11:00 - Break
11:00-12:00 - Plenary 2: How does the way that we encourage participation vary depending on who we are working with?
12:00-12:30 - Intro to Open Space
12:30-14:00 - Lunch
14:00-15:30 - Parallel Sessions… Tool demo 1: What We Want Our Children to Know; Topic 1: Explore what helps and hinders community participation; Topic 2: Exploring how to facilitate discussions well with less literate people and communities
15:30-16:00 - Break
16:00-17:15 - Open Space Sessions (see brief introduction here)
17:15-17:30 - Daily Highlights
Thursday 18th May
09:00-10:30 - Plenary 3: Vision building, vision sharing, and social mobilization as encouragers of community participation
10:30-11:00 - Break
11:00-12:30 - Plenary 4: Encouraging community participation in Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education programs
12:30-14:00 - Lunch
14:00-15:30 - Parallel Sessions… Tool demo 2: The Flower Tool; Topic 3: First contact with a community and its effects on community participation; Topic 4: Multilingualism and how it impacts education and community development
15:30-16:00 - Break
16:00-17:15 - Open Space Sessions
17:15-17:30 - Daily Highlights

Friday 19th May
09:00-10:30 - Plenary 5: When a community seems to lack motivation or organizational skills, what can we do?
10:30-11:00 - Break
11:00-12:30 - Parallel Sessions... Tool demo 3: Orthography development related tools; Topic 5: Monitoring the level and quality of participation in our programs; Topic 6: What is the relationship between "participation"  and "ownership"? How does this influence what we do as practitioners?
12:30-14:00 - Lunch
14:00-15:30 - Open Space Sessions
15:30-16:00 - Break
16:00-17:15 - Plenary 6: Planning next steps for increasing participation in our programs
17:15-17:30 - Closing

(Schedule subject to change)


When? 17-19 May (3 days)
Where? Bangkok Christian Guest House, Bangkok, Thailand. (Wondering why this venue? Click here to read a brief explanation in our FAQs.) Directions from Suvarnabhumi Airport are available here.
How? The event will be facilitated in English, adopting a participatory style. Feedback to the room will be in English, but participants are encouraged to use whichever language they are most comfortable with when working in smaller groups.
Who? Anyone working with minority communities who is already using a participatory approach within their organization or with the communities with which they serve.
Costs? 100 US Dollar registration fee, to cover event materials, lunch, and snacks for the 3 days. Participants are responsible for arranging and paying for all other costs, including accommodation, flights and meals.
Accommodation: Participants are responsible for booking their own accommodation. To book a room at the venue please email reservations@bcgh.org, mentioning in your email that you are attending the LEAD CoP event. Being a large city, there are of course many other accommodation options to suit all budgets. If you do choose to stay elsewhere in the Silom area, we would strongly encourage you to stay south/east of Silom Road.
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