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Multilingual Multicultural Asia: Exploring the dynamics of multilingualism within the context of increased urbanization and migration in Asia

Around the world, multilingualism is increasingly becoming the norm, requiring us to reconsider the ways in which we work. With multiple languages being used in communities, and multiple cultures coming together in new and unique ways, new opportunities and challenges are being presented to community development workers trying to bring about relevant, sensitive and lasting change.

In particular, this event aims to provide:

  • a better understanding of the challenges faced across Asia due to increased urbanization and migration, and the activities people/organisations are undertaking in different contexts,
  • a vision for the benefits of considering communities languages and cultures in the way that you work and the opportunities available for change and transformation within increasingly multilingual contexts,
  • an opportunity to build new relationships and encourage collaboration with others to serve more effectively in different contexts.

For the first time, this Language, Education and Development CoP event will be held in Singapore. Specifically chosen due to the relevancy of this topic, our three days will provide a chance to see first hand how the National University of Singapore’s College of Alice & Peter Tan (CAPT) and Healthserve, two exciting and innovative local initiatives, are responding to the opportunities and challenges presented in Singapore due to migration and increased urbanization. We are privileged to be able to include visits to these different activities within our event and are excited about the opportunities it will provide for further learning and sharing throughout the three days.

While this event will have a specific focus on urban and migrant contexts, it will also be extremely relevant for those working in more rural contexts where communities are facing the other side of the implications of urbanization - the loss of youth and working aged adults. If you are working with communities who speak multiple languages and are interested in exploring how to work well in these changing contexts then this event will be valuable to you.


When? 28-30 November 2017 (3 days)

Where? Harvest Care Centre, 165 Sims Avenue #04-02, Singapore 387606. Directions here.

How? The event will be facilitated in English, adopting a participatory style. Feedback to the whole group will be in English, but participants are encouraged to use whichever languages they are most comfortable with when working in smaller groups.

Costs? We have worked hard to secure a very good deal for all participants, providing registration options for both local and visiting participants. 

Option 1: Visiting participants (accommodation included): 260 US Dollar registration fee - includes shared room at City Beach Resort for 4 nights (27, 28, 29, 30 November), event materials, field trip, lunch and snacks for 3 days.

Option 2: Local participants (no accommodation needed): 110 US Dollar registration fee - includes event materials, field trip, lunch and snacks for 3 days.

Please note: registration after 15 October 2017 will increase to 290 US Dollars for visiting participants and 125 US Dollars for local participants.

All participants are responsible for arranging and paying for all other costs, including evening meals, local transport and - of course - flights.

Accommodation? See registration option 1 for details. Single occupancy rooms are available for an additional 35 US Dollar per night. Please email lead_logistics_asia@sil.org with any questions.

Do you need a visa to enter Singapore? Find out whether you need a visa before travel here.


To try and offer a wider range of payment methods, we are have 2 methods of registering for the event. Please choose the appropriate link below depending on how you would like to make payment for the event:

1) Pay in person on the door or through an internal organisational transfer - click HERE.

2) Pay online by Paypal or Debit/Credit Card - click HERE

Note - registration fees rise after October 15th.If you have any problems with either of the processes above, please email: languageimpact@sil.org.


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