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Upcoming events



Upcoming events



2016 upcoming events:

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LEAD CoP Event: The Sustainable Development Goals

What do the Sustainable Development Goals mean for language, education and development activities with minority communities? As part of LEAD Asia's efforts to connect global issues with local responses, a LEAD Community of Practice event will be held 18-20 May 2016 to explore the opportunities and challenges posed by this new international framework.

LEAD Training Event: Multilingual Education Certificate Course

A 4-week training course to equip community development practitioners in the theory and design of effective MTB-MLE programs.

Past events:

[Resources from past events can be accessed through our online community of practice.]

LEAD CoP Event: Advocating for Multilingual Education (2-5 September 2015)

LEAD Asia Training Event: Monitoring and evaluation (25-27 March 2015)

LEAD CoP Event: The Environment and language, education and development (17-20 November 2014)

LEAD Asia Training Workshop on Funding (29 March - 03 April 2014)

LEAD CoP Event: Funding language, education and development activities (25 - 28 March 2014)

LEAD CoP Event: Building organisational relationships (11-13 November 2013)

LEAD CoP Event: Identity-Based Community Development (05-07 March 2013)

LEAD CoP Event: Community Development’ and ‘Community Ownership' (13-15 November 2012)

LEAD CoP Event: Working together with local organisations for LEAD impact (06-08 February 2012)







Frequently Asked Questions

Question/ What is the 'LEAD Community of Practice'?
 It may be better to ask 'WHO ARE the community of practice?'! In short it is a 'community' of individuals, teams, organisations and networks all grappling with questions around language, education and development. The focus of the community is working with marginalised communities, often marginalised because of their unique culture and/or language, and it is facilitated by LEAD Asia, a unit of SIL International in Asia.

Q/ I don’t work in Asia, am I still able to attend LEAD CoP events?
 Yes! The LEAD CoP is open to anyone interested in integrating issues of language, education and development. The majority of attendees will be located or working within Asia and so there will naturally be a focus on appropriate strategies for this region. However, the broader the range of participants the richer the discussions, and as such we warmly welcome attendees from anywhere in the world.

Q/ Is there a registration fee?
A/ No. It is free to attend but you are responsible for your own accommodation, travel and meal costs (except for lunches during the event, which will be provided at the venue for all participants).

Q/ Do you have funds to help me attend LEAD CoP events?
A/ No. Unfortunately, since we do not have external funding for events, LEAD Asia does not have any funds to help participants attend.

Q/ How do I register?
A/ A link to a registration form will be made available a few months before each event. Keep an eye on the event information (by clicking on the links above) or sign-up to the LEAD mailing list by filling in this form:

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